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Irma Aemi’s picture story book for young children

“Who snatched Nanna’s soap?”

In this uniquely illustrated children’s story book about a magic trip through the Australian bush Nanna discovers how her soap turned into a bubbly poo!

Irma's picture story book "Who Snatched Nanna's Soap?"
Irma’s picture story book “Who Snatched Nanna’s Soap?”

Irma Aemi Jaggi-Brunner created a picture story book for young children which is easy to read with only a few short sentences per page and colorful pictures. The unique illustrations not only lead the children through the story but also stimulate the kids to create their own stories.

Sleeping in the Australian bush garded by rainbow fireflies
Sleeping in the Australian bush sheltered by rainbow fireflies

The way the story is illustrated will encourage children’s fantasy and moreover trigger their imaginary and creative play. Irma shows how to create a magic environment with very little resources.

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Irma with Emu the cheeky character in her uniquely illustrated story book “Who snatched Nanna’s soap?” 


“My wish is that the way I illustrated the story will support children nurturing their precious gift of creative expression. Free from fear and self-doubt: Nothing has to be perfect”.

Material used for the story probs:
Natural resources: sand, rocks, plants, water and mud.
Recycled resources: cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and lots of empty blueberry punnets.
I bought: glue, paint, blue paper and wool for puppets.
And finally children need access to a messy play area.
I wish all the children lots of fun creating their very own story!

Irma Aemi Jaggi-Brunner