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My illustrated picture story book for children:

“Who snatched Nanna’s soap”

describes the hilarious story about a bubbly poo in the Australian bush.

Based on a true story the book’s unique illustrations will foster and nurture children’s creativity and imagination.

Nanna, Grandad and Emu in the bush
Nanna, Grandad and Emu in the bush

I found this story was great fun to engage with my two and four year old granddaughters.

Children   usually   make   up   or   add   bits   and   pieces   to   your   story.   Like my granddaughters made up the “explosive poo” conclusion in my book. My personal experience with the Emu concluded: “The Emu snatched Nanna’s soap”. I will never forget the day my granddaughters looked at me in disbelief. “But Nanna didn’t the Emu do a bubbly poo”? “WOW” what a great conclusion for my story”!

My granddaughters acted out every single scene in the book. The sound of the “explosive poo” was their highlight. It definitely excited their imagination

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  1. A very original, creative and colorful book for children. All of it achieved with a minimum of natural resources and a limitless fantasy; topping it off with an ‘explosive’ ending. It is funny and cute and wonderfully done Irma – Congratulations!

  2. Dear Irma,

    Thank you so much for visiting the children at Kids Camp International School in Oberwil, Switzerland. They loved your story book and are excited to begin some art projects of their own. Well done and thanks again!!

  3. We have only had your wonderful book a short period of time but it is already my sons favourite! He oo & ahh’s at all the beautiful pictures. Takes great joy helping to make the sound of the Emu’s bubbly poo. Thank you so so much for this amazing book. You are so very talented & kind!

  4. were such a treasure find in my quest to just buy your lawn mower…I found something far more special in meeting you and buying your beautiful children book.. it is filled with colour and fun. I read it to my grandchildren and found great laughter and joy and noises as they kept asking me to read it to them over and over. Their mum thinks I created monsters with the poopie noises I got them to help me read the book . We all love your art and your delightful story. I love the laughter of little children and you bring that out in abundance…Thanks again Irma..cant wait to get your new book.

  5. Irma, from the moment we met you, we fell in love with you!
    And for you to send us your wonderful book from Singapore meant the world to my little treasure!
    We have definitely enjoyed reading it for the past two weeks straight, and making up our own little parts inbetween.
    Thank you so much for creating this absolute masterpiece!

  6. Liebe Irma!
    Was für ein wundervolles Buch, voller Farben, Emotionen, Storys und Erlebnissen! Eine wahre Fundgrube für Kinder, die noch mit Kinderaugen durch unsere Welt gehen dürfen. Du hast es geschafft, Dich in die Phantasiewelt Deiner Grosskinder hinein zu versetzen, ihnen zuzusehen, ihnen auch zuzuhören und dann Deine eigene Farbenwelt aufleuchten zu lassen. So grossartig! Ich gratuliere Dir von Herzen für dieses Wunderwerk.
    Besonders schön empfinde ich den Umstand, dass ich weiss, wo dass Du dieses Buch geschrieben hast. Ein wahrlich mystischer Ort!
    Eine grosse Umarmung aus der Schweiz, Deine Cousine Christa-Maria

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