I am slowly running out of spit even though I do fill up my body with lots of water. When visiting playgroups and child care centres telling my story ‘Who snatched Nanna’s soap” it is essential to keep hydrated! The sound of the bubbly poo “Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” explodes and catches children’s attention from a well hydrated story teller.

The kids are great help supporting me with the sound of the bubbly poo. And you know what? Children do not get in trouble. Spitting is part of my story!!!!!!

It is so easy to engage the children with this story and catch their attention.

I will share a few tricks which work well for me to engage children, connect with them and keep their attention.

  1. I prepare some props: A bucket, a felt Emu with a (plastic) bubbly poo, a towel, a bar of soap and wooden sticks (children love to touch the Emu).
  2. Introduction: I show the children “ONLY” the book cover. I will start: ”I love Emus because they can jump high, run fast and sometimes they can be very cheeky!” When the children hear the word: “cheeky” I usually have their attention and they ask to hear the story. Some kids get up and talk to my Emu prop:” Why are you cheeky Emu”?

Before I start, I say to the kids I need some help telling the story. “Can you make this sound? PHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”! First I have a practice run at the start and by then, I have children’s attention and they just want me to get started.

  1. I act out every page in this book. I move and change my voice and I am very expressive.
  2. As a conclusion, I show the pictures in my book to the children. Because the kids know the story already, they know exactly which page they want to look at.
  3. By that time, it’s “me listening time”. Listening to what kids come up with helps me to prepare a creative environment based on the children’s interests.

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