Irma Aemi Jaggi is a self tought artist. She has written and illustrated her first children’s picture book based on a true hilarious experience.

Irma Aemi in her dancing shoes
Irma Aemi in her creative dancing shoes


Irma was born in Switzerland 1955 and came to Australia 1982. She lives in Townsville North Queensland with her partner.





Together with her partner Irma explored the Australian outback living in a Toyota Landcruiser for four years. Throughout her life in the bush she has been in many funny and hilarious situations.

Many years later inspired by her grandchildren Irma slipped into her creative dancing shoes and this is where it all started. Her solarplexus errupted like a colourful vulcano and these colours are a reflection in her first book and the funniest story she experienced in the bush. “Who snatched Nanna’s soap?”